About Us

We are William George

Who are we? Meet William George, dedicated to revitalising the enjoyment and fairness in purchasing preowned, graded, and refurbished items. Our team finds joy in curating and crafting engaging content for you. Whether you're exploring, purchasing, selling, or doing all three, we want you to relish the experience.
Our diverse team, including a few furry canine assistants, is committed to offering you a vast range of products, from small appliances to large tele-handlers. Our goal is to simplify and infuse excitement into the entire process for you!

Why choose us?

Our auction website williamgeorge.com has been growing and thriving for over ten years and from day one we've maintained a 0% seller commission policy. For auction vendors this translates to receiving 100% of the hammer price for their goods. For buyers, this gives access to some of the most attractive deals available!

Our vendors can set practical and attainable reserve prices, confident that they won't lose significant portions of their sales to a third party. 
With the introduction of our store, we can offer the same amazing saving opportunities for consumers, but on a buy it now basis rather than bidding!

Our values

We've consistently taken pride in challenging the norms of a traditional industry, leveraging technology, innovation, and creativity to enhance the quality of our services. We've always pioneered positive change, whether we're offering auctions with 0% commission or partnering with organisations like Two Million Tusks to eliminate ivory sales from our platform, we are unafraid to stand apart and do what's right.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to reach out to us. We're eager to collaborate with customers, likeminded businesses, and service providers to bring about meaningful improvements!